Ordinary Council Meeting   Date: 13 July 2021, 6.30pm,  Filesize: 584mb


Order of Business

  • Prayer
  • Acknowledgement of Country
  • Webcasting of Council Meetings
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Declaration of Interest
  • Public Addresses
  • Confirmation of Minutes
  • Mayoral Minute
  • Mayoral Minute - Council Recognised as a Silver Partner of the Sustainability Advantage Program
  • ORD01 Planning Proposal - 220, 300, 350 and 360 Chittick Lane, Cobbitty
  • ORD02 Draft Submission to NSW Employment Zone Reforms
  • ORD03 Camden's Future Animal Care Facility
  • ORD04 Notice to the Minister For Water, Property and Housing of Council's Native Title Managers.
  • ORD05 Investment Monies - May 2021.
  • ORD06 Public Exhibition - Draft Masterplan - Harrington Park Reserve, Harrington Park
  • ORD07 Community Grants Program 2020/2021
  • ORD08 Catherine Park Voluntary Planning Agreement Amendment.
  • ORD09 Acceptance of Grant Funding - NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program - Nepean River Open Space Project.
  • ORD10 Acceptance of Grant Funding - Greening our City Program
  • ORD11 Acceptance of Grant Funding - Stronger Communities Programme - Community Centres Powered by the Sun .
  • ORD12 Tender T003/2021 - Audio Visual Upgrade at Camden Civic Centre
  • ORD13 Tender T006/2021 - Principal Contractor for Kirkham Park BMX Facility Stage 2A.
  • ORD14 Development Infrastructure Bonds Policy – Revised.
  • ORD15 Notice of Motion - Traffic in the Vicinity of Oran Park and Gledswood Hills Public Schools
  • ORD16 Notice of Motion - Traffic Levels during Peak Periods
  • ORD17 Notice of Motion - Sewerage Connection at Ettlesdale Road
  • ORD18 Notice of Motion - Acoustic Treatment for the Senior Citizens' Building
  • ORD19 Notice of Motion - Aphids on European Hackberry Trees
  • ORD20 Notice of Motion - Animal Welfare Shelter Issue
  • ORD22 Closure of the Meeting to the Public

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